Welcome to Speiseplan

In case you’re looking for a new nutritional concept for yourself, your company or the community you’re working in, you’ve found the help you need…

Who we are and what we do

We’re an international team of nutritional scientists, dietitians, ecotrophologists, psychologists, sociologists, counselors, art therapists, toxicologists, community developers and agroecologists. Although we all work primarily in our fields of expertise, we love to guarantee a holistic approach by joining forces to help you, your company and community to flourish and increase your quality of life.
We offer you:
  • individual nutritional consulting and coaching 
  • group support to process personal life situations 
  • art therapy to help overcome eating disorders
  • custom-made concepts for communal feeding and food production 
  • support of food programs for community development 

Please ask for our price packages (discount available for students, medical workers and non-profit organizations).

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